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Armed Lullaby

    Armed Lullaby

    Germany / Color / 9' / 2019 13+

    In order to escape the ethnical massacre four different children are leaving their home town each in different ways – with last train, last ship, last plane and walking over the snow – covered mountains.The film is based on a real story happened in 1993 during Sukhumi ethnical cleansing that underwent Georgian civilians.

    Yana Ugrekhelidze

    Born in Tbilisi, Georgia. After graduating with a degree in translation in Georgia, she took a BA in communication design at Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf and a Diploma in film and animation at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Her first animated film, "Summer Story", premiered at the 2017 International Short Film Festival Oberhausen was a semi-finalist at Student Academy Awards. "Armed Lullaby", is her graduation film and was funded by the Film- und MedienStiftung NRW. Currently she is in Post Production of her début documentary film "Instructions for Survival".

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Yana Ugrekhelidze
    • Screenplay: Yana Ugrekhelidze
    • Editing: Hannah Rosh
    • music: Tbilisi State Opera Solist´s Ensemble “Suliko“
    • Sound Design: Gerald Schauder
    • Film Cast: Lev Shuster, Anastasia Schwegler, Giorgi Gedevanidze, Richard Liepnis
    • producer:: Yana Ugrekhelidze
    • original language:  No Dialogue


    • Summer Story (2017)