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    France, South Korea / Color / 17' / 2019 6+

    Boriya, a 7 year old girl, is bored by the routine of daily life in the countryside. She would love to play with someone but it’s harvest time and everyone is busy. Alone, under the river bridge, surrounded by the barley fields, she’s going to understand that life is not always what she thought it would be.

    Sung Ah Min

    She graduated from the Korean National University of Arts (KNUA) in animation in 2007. After many experiences in South Korea in the animation sector, she moved to France in 2017 and now lives in Bordeaux. "Boriya" is her fifth short film.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Sung Ah Min
    • Screenplay: Sung Ah Min
    • Cinematography: Sung Ah Min
    • Editing: Sung Ah Min
    • music: June Young JOO
    • Sound Design: June Young JOO
    • producer:: Emmanuel Quillet
    • original language:  French


    • Koong!.. Porr! (2013)
    • The Newly Coming Seasons (2009)
    • Bab Mook Ja (2007)
    • Handkerchief (2004)