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El vulcano

    El vulcano

    Ukraine / Color / 14' / 2020 6+

    “El vulcano” is a portrait of the filmmaker’s younger brother and at first glance, it is the story of an ordinary boy who knows everything about dinosaurs, who, without losing stubbornness, constantly digging in hopes of finding something truly amazing. And all this, because he has a dream. In fact, it is a story about a dream to which this guy goes, against everything and everybody.

    Oleksandr Hoisan

    He is a 3rd year student of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Department of Cinema and Television Arts, studies film and television directing in the Roman Shirman's workshop. His first student film has participated in more than 10 competition programs at various national and international film festivals, including festivals in Slovenia, Italy, Greece (CameraZizanio), Northern Macedonia, Switzerland, Iran and Ukraine and won 3 awards.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Oleksandr Hoisan
    • Screenplay: Oleksandr Hoisan
    • Cinematography: Kyrylo Kurovskiy
    • Editing: Oleksandr Hoisan
    • music: Oleksandr Hoisan
    • Sound Design: Oleksandr Boyarin
    • Film Cast: Oleksiy Hoisan, Oleg Adamenko
    • producer:: Oleksandr Hoisan
    • original language:  Ukrainian


    • The truth / 2001 (2020)
    • Sir Chub de Pigi (2019)