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Winter Lake

    Winter Lake / Talvinen järvi

    Finland / Color / 15' / 2019 6+

    Children’s Juries Award (up to 12 years old) for Best short & medium length documentary

    “My friends can’t believe I go camping in winter. They think it’s crazy”. But 13­ year­ old Emika loves it. It’s just as beautiful as in summertime. “You just need a good tent and sleeping bag, and warm clothes”. Every school vacation she and her cousin Antti, who is kind of like a big brother to Emika, go to the vast Saimaa Lake, an amazing nature reserve in Finland with thousands of islands.

    Petteri Saario

    He is an award-winning documentarist who directs, shoots and produces his own films. In addition to these, he also writes and edits his documentaries and series. During his career, he has directed dozens of documentary series and films which have been screened on TV and film festivals around the world. He is the founder of DocArt and Taiga Films and manages both companies.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Petteri Saario
    • Screenplay: Petteri Saario
    • Cinematography: Petteri Saario, Antti Saario
    • Editing: Matti Näränen
    • music: Markku Kanerva
    • Sound Design: Joonatan Hietanen
    • Film Cast: Emika Saario, Antti Saario
    • producer:: Elina Pohjola, Leila Lyytikäinen
    • original language:  Finnish


    • The activist (2017)
    • Autiomaa (2011)
    • Sergei the Healer (2008)
    • Kansanluonto (2007)
    • Kalavale (2004)
    • The Sisu Stone (2004)