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    The other bank

    Oscar nominations – European Film Awarded – National and International festival awarded

    All of the Olympia Film Festival movies are high level. Most of the films are recently produced (2009 or 2008) -the Olympia Festival is for some, their World Premiere- and have already won important awards.

    Films that participate in the competition and have won national and/or international awards:

    1. Feature Films Category

    The Other Bank by George Ovashvili, Georgia, 2009, 90’
    Multi award-winning film. That film won 12 awards in various festivals. Some of these are:

    • The Grand Jury Award in Seatle International Film Festival in the category “Best New Director”.
    • “Best European Discovery of the Year” award at European Film Awards.
    • “Best film” in Buster International Film Festival in Denmark.
    • “Best Film” in Yerevan in Armenia

    Winter in Wartime by Martin Koolhoven, Netherlands, 2009, 104’

    • Nominated for Oscar as the best foreign language film. National candidate for Netherlands.

    The Crocodiles by Christian Ditter, Germany, 2009, 97’

    • KINDER TIGER National Award as the film with the Best Script.

    Participated in various other festivals. The latest awards are:
    • 1st prize at the Golden Elephant Children’s Festival in India
    • 1st prize in Cinekid Awards in Amsterdam.

    A Time to love by Ebrahim Forouzesh, Iran, 2008, 90’

    A film created by the multi awarded director Ebrahim Forouzesh, whose work was completely unknown to Greece until the Olympia Film Festival and Youth Plan showed his entire work. Although it’s a recent production, the film “A Time to love” was shown abroad, in the Netherlands, and won:
    • The Award for Best Actor at Cinekid Awards in Amsterdam festival.

    Ebrahim Forouzesh rarely travels abroad. When he was informed that his film will participate in Olympia Film Festival’s competition, he decided to attend the screening. He will unfortunately be unable to join us, due to unexpected Visa complications.

    Copernicus’ Star by Zdzislaw Kudla, Poland, 2009, 90’

    • The creators of “Bolek and Lolek” from Filmow Studio present their last feature animation film.

    The Magic Tree by Andrzej Maleszka, Poland, 2009, 90’

    A big production from Poland in cooperation with BBC.

    Aching Hearts by Nils Malmros, Denmark, 2009, 125’

    • World premiere

    2. Short Fiction Films Category

    Under my garden by Lodovichetti Andrea, Italia, 2008, 19’

    Award-winning film. One of the awards is: ”2009 Italian Golden Globe” as the best short film.

    Kavi by Gregg Helvey, India / USA, 2009, 19’
    Also an Award-winning film.

    • The Grand Prix 2009 award in Drama’s Festival.

    School Occupatioon by Alexandros Chantzis, Greece, 2009, 17’

    Alexander Hatzis is a young filmmaker who participated in the competition of Drama’s Festival and: Was honoured as a promising director.

    Mesecina by Sofia Exarchou, Greece, 2009, 18’

    The film participated in Drama’s Festival and won:

    • Special Award at the Greek Competition section.
    • Award from the Panhellenic Film Critics Union.

    Oblivion by Gabriel Tzafkas, Greece, 2009, 17’

    The director participated in the competition of Drama’s Festival and was honored as a promising director.

    3. Short Animated Films

    Elephants by Sally Pearce, UK, 2008, 13’

    The director Sally Pearce, was nominated for an Oscar in 2007 with the film «Maestro» in the category “best short film”.
    “The Elephants” is an award-winning film. One of the awards received is:

    • The 2nd prize in the category “best short film” at Chicago Festival.

    Digi Kid 2009

    Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People wanted to give more creative opportunities to young filmmakers, thus, created the new competition section “Digi Kid”, in which digital formatted films are shown. This year 19 short films participate in a separate competition. Our thought is to create and share digital feature films screenings next year.

    The screenings of the films that participate in the competition are shown in nine different cinemas.

    The awarded films will also be presented in Athens, Philip cinema,17-23 December 2009.