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International Meeting Audiovisual Education: Theoretical and practical approaches

    The Olympia International Film Festival, during its first edition in 1997, approached the issue of cinema in education and film education, by organizing an international conference in Ancient Olympia. Today, twenty years later, we are, once more, seeking the sign, by detecting the practices and concerns that have been developed over the past twenty years, and the achieved progress; the changes that were brought about by the enormous technological developments.

    Cinema is Reason. It is Language and Art. It is the main laboratory for research and innovation in the audiovisual field. Without cinema, audiovisual education does not exist.

    Through the suggestions of the conference, a wide range of audiovisual education issues is covered; theoretical and methodological approaches; reports on achievements and difficulties of tested applications; applications of small and larger structures, in small and larger scales, in formal and non-formal teaching methods. Arguments and counter-arguments will be developed about including audiovisual education in the curriculum as a compulsory lesson or as a lesson of choice. There will be references to the importance of joint actions at Pan-European and international level, and to ways of exchanging educational material and developing alternative networks.

    Ancient Olympia, Conference Hall

    7/12/2017, 09:30-14:00

    09:00-09:30 RECEPTION

    09:30 Dimitris Spyrou, artistic director of Olympia Film Festival, “Welcome speech: Direction of the Meeting”


    Felix Vanginderhuysen, General secretary of the European Children’s Film Association (ECFA), senior advisor JEFF, Belgium, “Children’s Film and Film Education: the final destination”

    10:00-11:30 FIRST SECTION

    Thanassis Rentzis, Director, “The Greek State and Audio-Visual Education”

    Evangelia Themeli, Philologist, historian and film scholar “Cinema and school in Greece”

    Evangelia Kourti, Professor of Social Psychology of Mass Media, University of Athens, “Film education within the core study matter of educators”

    Sofia Papadimitriou, Director of the Educational Radio and Television Department of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religions, Greece, “Educational Radio and Television 2.0: Transition to the digital age”

    Renate Holubek, Media Literacy Awards, Ministry of Education, Austria, “Media literacy and democratic culture”

    Antonis Papadopoulos, director – artistic director of Drama Short Film Festival, “A chronicler of our time. Short films as educational tools”.

    Nikos Theodosiou, Director, member of the board of Educational Group “Skasiarheio” (= Truant) . “The essential role of cinema in Freinet”


    SECOND SECTION 12:15-14:30

    Nienke Poelsma, Head of Cinekid for Professionals, The Netherlands, “CineKID’s educational programs”

    Mikael Harbauer, Artistic director, Schlingel Festival, “Schlingel Festival and its media educational activities”

    Thomas Balkenhol, Instructor at  the Middle East Technical University in Ankara: “The concept of the Ankara Children’s Film festival”

    Nisse Koltze, Producer, Station Next, Festival director, TheNextFilmFestival, Denmark, “How and why to start local filmfestivals for schools”

    Rowena Martinez Ulayan Tuzcuoğlu, Founding chairperson of the Children’s Film and Art Association, the organization, behind the Universal Kids Film Festival, Turkey, “Culture for peace through audio-visual education (The UKFF peace advocacy paradigm)”

    Josep Arbiol, MICE Festival Director, Spain, “Mice Valencia. A funny way to media and education”

    Petra Vidmar, Gustav Film Production, Slovenia:  “Film City”

    Maria Leonida, Director – Karpos, Centre for Educational Activities and Intercultural Communication “In Our Own View: a versatile critical thinking project”

    Voula Papayianni,  Educator/ Innovative events and intercultural outreach Manager, Centre for Intercultural Education at National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, “Olympia Film Festival, a comprehensive approach in film education”

    Irene Andriopoulou, Media Researcher / Analyst, EU Media Literacy Expert, DG Connect, EC , Member of Steering Committee on Media & Information Society – CDMSI, CoE, Secretariat General for Media & Communication: “Making use of film education and global outreach post film festivals”


    14:30 END OF MEETING