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The awards of the 24th Olympia Festival and the 21st Camera Zizanio

    International Jury

    Jury's statement

    The jury members are impressed with the overall quality of the festival selections including many new discoveries. We would like to congratulate the filmmakers and their cast and crew. We also wish to thank the festival staff and many wonderful and highly qualified volunteers for their generous accommodation and never wavering assistance in making our job easy and our stay pleasant during these extraordinary times. Viva Olympia!

    The awards

    Best feature film

    I never cry, Piotr Domalewski, Poland-Ireland, 100’, 2020

    Best feature film award goes to a film that has been brilliantly written, performed and executed. A film that sheds light on cross-border family drama and the resilience and resourcefulness of our protagonist.

    Best short fiction film

    Five Pebbles, Ankit Kothari, India, 14’, 2020

    The price goes to a film that you should not only see with your eyes, but also taste with your tongue. The most tasty-and most mesmerizing image of this year’s competition was one of a popsicle, that was a metaphor of pure and simple joy. With great and visual eloquence, this film talks about the friendship so strong that these girls are willing to share everything from shoes to pebbles.

    Best animated short film

    Santiago, Andrey Koulev, Bulgaria, 2021

    This film is an exceptionally creative adaptation of a classic literature, by setting the story in the arctic and utilizing different animation styles. The friendship between a child and an old man is in full display in this film, quite accessible to the children audience.

    Best feature film director

    To Ana Laura Calderón for the film Mezquite´s Heart, Mexico, 2019. This female director skillfully invites us to the dreamy world of an indigenous girl in Northern Mexico with captivating imagery and sounds.

    Best feature film screenplay

    To Jonathan Lemire for the film Noise, Neegan Trudel, Canada, 2019. In this story a young girl fights and struggles against her destiny. All the time the story keeps us close to the protagonist with dialogues, sparkling with life. Despite life’s hardships the story leaves us with a sparkle of hope to cling on to. A girl as strong as Emily deserves a decent life and the story convinces us that this is what she will fight for.

    Award for Best child’s performance in a feature film

    To Arif Shaikh for his performance in Two Friends, Prasun Chatterjee, India, 2021. We were convinced by a young actor who included in his performance both the joy of life and the sorrows of death and loss. Through the skillful lense of the talented cinematographer, the actor shares with us the pleasure of being young and the charm of a simple rural lifestyle. But in moments of great sadness, his silence says more than all the words that he could speak.

    Award for Best child’s performance in a feature film

    To Zofia Stafiej for the film I Never Cry, Piotr Domalewski, Poland-Ireland, 2020. She is street smart, she is tough, she is also vulnerable. Her heart is filled with anger as well as love and empathy. Zafia Stafiej in the film I Never Cry, successfully portrayes in two languages a young lady, through a journey of multiple discoveries.

    International Kids & Docs Jury

    Jury's statement

    As the Kids & Docs jury of the 24th Olympia International film festival we saw Documentaries with strong and relatable characters, for and about children and young people sharing their own voices. The program daringly focused on social issues that always initiated long and interesting discussions. Films with cinematic quality intended not only for the youth but wider audiences as well. For our award decisions however, we focused on films that were both outstanding documentaries but would also appeal to a younger audience.

    The awards

    Best feature documentary

    School of Hope, Mohamed El Aboudi, Finland-France-Morocco-USA, 2020

    The award for best feature length documentary goes to a poetic and observational documentary. For showing the importance of education and the teachers and students dedication, in a harsh environment, heavily affected by climate change, the award goes to School of hope.

    Best short & medium length documentary award

    Desert Dogs, Samuel Morris, Switzerland, 20′, 2020

    For its vibrant and strong protagonists who explore their own identity between tradition and independence, where skateboarding becomes a creative way of expressing themselves, the award goes to Desert Dogs.

    Best feature documentary director

    Dear Future Children, Franz Böhm, Germany-United Kingdom-Austria, 2021

    Through the balanced and precise rhythm of the film we see an insiders point of view of youth activism in 3 different parts of the world, 3 young women fighting for democracy, environment and social justice at their doorstep. The award for best director goes to Franz Böhm.

    Special Mention

    Girlhood, by Vania Turner and Maria Sidiropoulou. The film shows the importance of friendship that helps to overcome isolation and insecurities imposed by stereo types. We want to give a special mention to Girlhood, a film that gives a relatable insight in what it means to be a girl nowadays.

    Special Mention

    Don’t Hesitate to Come for a Visit Mom, by Anna Artemyeva. For its simple, dense, an intimate way to portray family relationship and communication, when distance is an obstacle, Don’t Hesitate to come for visit mom deserves a special mention.

    Special Mention

    Aya, , by Simon Coulibaly Gillard. By introducing a fictional character in an existing island community under climate change pressure, and for its unique way of exploring the boundaries between documentary and fiction, we would like to give a special mention to Aya.

    International Youth Jury

    Best short fiction film

    Blue , Megan Devaney, Ireland, 2020

    Best animated short film

    Black Slide, Uri Lotan, Israel, 2021

    Children’s Juries Awards (up to 12 years old)

    Best animated short film

    Fly , Carlos Gómez-Mira Sagrado , Spain, 2020

    Best short fiction film

    The Kicksled Choir, Torfinn Iversen, Norway, 2020

    Best feature film

    Spaceboy, Olivier Pairoux, Belgium, 2020

    Best short & medium length documentary award

    Eve, Lucy Jane & Joya Berrow, UK, 2020

    Best feature documentary

    Kids Cup, Bortebane Line Hatland, Norway, 2021

    Children’s Juries (over 13 years old)

    Best short animated film animation

    The Seine’s tears, Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer, Alice Letailleur, France, 2021

    Best short fiction film

    Like the Ones I Used to Know, Annie St-Pierre, Canada, 2021

    Best feature film

    Dear mr. Führer, Christian Lerch , Germany, 2021

    Best short & medium length documentary award

    My Uncle Tudor, Olga Lucovnicova, Belgium-Portugal-Hungary-Moldova, 21', 2020

    Best feature documentary

    US Kids, Kim A. Snyder, USA, 2020

    Special awards

    Hellenic parliament “Human Values” Award

    Neighbours, Mano Khalil, Switzerland, 125′, 2021

    Greek Film Critics Association Award

    I never cry, , Piotr Domalewski, Poland-Ireland, 100’, 2020

    Greek Film Clubs’ Association Award

    I never cry, , Piotr Domalewski, Poland-Ireland, 100’, 2020

    Centre International du Film pour l’ Enfance et la Jeunesse (CIFEJ) Prize

    A school in Cerro Hueso, Betania Cappato, Argentina, 70’, 2021

    European Children’s Film Association (ECFA) Awards

    Best feature film: Space boy, Olivier Pairoux, Belgium, 2020

    Bset short fiction film: I, Julia, Arvin Kananian, Sweden, 15', 2020

    Best documentary: A Youth, Giorgio Bosisio, Italy, 2020

    "#ThisisEU – European Values" award by the European Commission’s Representation in Greece

    Neighbours / Neighbours, , Mano Khalil, Switzerland, 125′, 2021

    21nd European Meeting of Young People's Audiovisual Creation - Camera Zizanio

    Greek section prizes

    Category A' - children upto 12 years old

    1st prize: Happy Birthday without, 13th Serres Primary School Film Workshop

    2nd prize: Talk to me, Primary School of Kallifitos Dramas

    3rd prize: The unbelievable story of Agenios Bekgoua, Panagiotis Bomporis & The apartment building. A night... but which night?, 1st Elementary School of New Psychico

    Category B' - children from 13 to 16 years old

    1st prize: Never stop looking me in the eyes, Ionidios Model Lyceum

    2nd prize: Devised space 2020, Art High School of Gerakas

    3rd prize: Tv my love, 1st High school of Volos, theatrical-cinematic students

    Category C' - youth from 17 to 20 years old

    1st prize: Put your mask on, 1st General Lyceum of Keratsini

    [AKMI Education Group offers full scholarships to 2 of the crew members of the film]

    2nd prize: The forest, Yannis Akrivopoulos

    3rd prize: Never say it’s too late, Second Chance school of Chania

    [Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos offers a full scholarship to a participant of Category C']

    Special Prizes

    Media Literacy Award - Educational Television / Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs

    1st Daytime High School of Livadochori Lemnos

    The Greek Ombudsman for children's rights Award

    Never stop looking me in the eyes, Ionidios Model Lyceum

    Can you hear me?, 3rd Agios Ioannis Rentis Highschool Film Club

    Nikos Kavoukides Award

    Board gap, Ilias Mathioudakis

    International section prizes

    Category A' - children upto 12 years old

    Schoolyard, Ha Yeon Lee, S. Korea

    Category B' - children from 13 to 16 years old

    A Roadside Story, Kamo Nattapol Komalarajun, Thailand

    Category C' - youth from 17 to 20 years old

    Momma, I’m A Stray Bird, Ting Su, China

    European section prizes

    Category A' - children upto 12 years old

    1st prize: Τhe nameless island, Camera Etc, Belgium

    2nd prize: SOLItudini, I.C.70 Marino-Santa Rosa, Italy

    Magic House, Children's Art Centre,Toon Club, India Poland-India

    3rd prize: There are no things unwanted, Primary School No. 90 in Poznań, Poland

    Category B' - children from 13 to 16 years old

    1st Prize: Wendigo, Max Hendrickson, Ireland & Fomo, Kevin Meggs , Max Hendrickson, Ireland

    2nd prize: Distorting Mirror, Alisa Lander, Russia

    3rd prize: The hole, Piotr Kaźmierczak, Poland

    Category C' - youth from 17 to 20 years old

    1st prize: Boredom, Viktor Gelbek, Denmark

    2nd Prize: I am there for you, Sissi Carlota Ulmer, Germany

    3rd prize: The line of life, Andrea Corazza, Italy & Growing up, Malu de Kruijk, Lente Ljsendijk, Netherlands

    4th Olympia Creative Ideas Pitching Lab

    Greek Film Center Award: The day we became heroes, Evdoxia Chasapi

    ERT Award: Love you more than peanut butter, Αριάδνη Αγγελική Θυφρονίτου Λήτου