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Boy Razor

    Boy Razor

    Sweden / Color / 12' / 2015

    A bullied boy tries to get revenge on his tormentors by sticking a razor blade he has found up through the slide he and the other children at the after-school club use. A story of how morals take a back seat when feelings are in control. And how once we’ve crossed that line, everything has a price.

    Peter Pontikis

    Born in Stockholm, Sweden. Education at the University of Stockholm and The Royal College of Fine Arts. During his studies Peter Pontikis worked with video and made several short films. Vampires (2008) is his first feature film.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Peter Pontikis
    • Screenplay: Peter Pontikis
    • Cinematography: Johan Holmqvist
    • Editing: Peter Pontikis
    • music: Svante Fjaestad
    • Sound Design: Alexander Berggren, Kim Creutzer
    • Film Cast: Menasse Kefela, Emanuel Addis, Kewin Engström
    • producer:: Peter Pontikis, Patrick Sobieski


    • Vampyrer (2008)
    • Futurevision (2006)
    • Paketet (2006)
    • Fiskar (2003)