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An American Piano

    An American Piano

    Japan / Color / 20' / 2014

    Τhe extraordinary true story of a young Japanese girl who played the piano for Pris-oners of War during World War II and how it affected their lives. War is only possible when the enemy is dehumanised. A story of humanity, compassion and the universality of music in helping to heal the rifts between wartime rivals.

    Paul Leeming

    Paul began his film career in Sydney in 2005 and graduated from the Sydney Film School with a Diploma of Screen in 2006, majoring in Directing, Cinematography and Sound. In 2007 he moved to Japan and started his own production company, Visceral Psyche. Paul has written and directed several award-winning films and shot many more in his capacity as cinematographer. Additionally he has shot documentaries for the Discovery Channel, numerous music videos for top artists in Japan and Australia as well as many commercials. Now living in Berlin and with his sights now set firmly on Hollywood, Paul is currently writing several feature films in the science fiction and horror genres, with the first slated to go into production in 2015.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Paul Leeming
    • Screenplay: Hamish Downie
    • Cinematography: Toshikazu Kaneto
    • Editing: Paul Leeming
    • Sound Design: Masaaki Enatsu, Paul Leeming
    • Film Cast: Lou Ohshiba, Adam J. Yeend, Leon Masuda, Qyoko Kudo, Jun Matsuo
    • producer:: Taeko Sato, Hamish Downie