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The Mechanism or: How to take care of yourself

    Die Mechanic oder: wie man auf sich acht gibt

    Germany / Color / 11' / 2017

    Yes, one would like to take care. On the little brother who shouldn’t smoke. On the children that they don’t hurt themselves. And nobody should be unreasonable to himself and others. But how far can paternalism go?

    Michael Chlebusch

    Michael Chlebusch was born in 1983 in Germany and is currently living in Chemnitz where he studied German as well as English Language and Literature. Since 2009 he has worked as editor and conceptioner in marketing agencies. On and off his job he wrote and directed several film projects especially with Chemnitzer Filmwerkstatt. Those were mainly short films but also music videos, ads or stage projects some of which had been shown on festivals and TV and could raise public funding.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Michael Chlebusch
    • Screenplay: Michael Chlebusch
    • Cinematography: Domenik Schuster
    • music: Paul Eisenach
    • Sound Design: Erik Wiesbaum
    • Film Cast: Nina Kummer, Tilo Krügel, Beate Düber, Matthias Zwarg, Michael-Paul Milow
    • producer:: Ralf Glaser
    • original language:  German


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