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Pride & Prejudice

    Trots & Treiter

    Netherlands / Color / 17' / 2017

    Three years ago, Emma moved from Mali to the Netherlands. At primary school, Emma felt different from others: on the outside because of her skin and on the inside because of her culture. She didn’t know how to fit in, and her classmates began bullying her. Now she goes to middle school and feels much better. Se has more courage to express herself and realized that transforming her feelings into songs helps a lot.

    Mirjam Marks

    After her Theatre Studies she started working at VPRO Youth Television. Through her experience in research and production Mirjam became specialised in content creation for youth documentaries and series. Through a television programme she visited Suriname. She moved there with her family and stayed for six years. In Suriname she made several documentaries for Dutch television, she initiated several workshops for kids and she also found and became Creative Director of the children’s museum Villa Zapakara. When she moved back to the Netherlands she continued her work as a documentary maker and in 2014 she joined Cinekid as Head of Television.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Mirjam Marks
    • Editing: Sander Cijsouw
    • Sound Design: Ranko Paukovic
    • producer:: Nienke Korthof
    • original language:  Dutch, French


    • Spotlight on Merna (2016)
    • The Girl of 672k (2016)
    • Jambo, Shamwana Congo (2015)
    • Closer to Sarah (2014)
    • Recycool (2013)
    • The Qi of China (2013)
    • DropboxEurope (2012)