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Bog Hole


    Norway / Color / 13' / 2018

    Jenny accompanies her friend Ingrid and her father on a camping trip. The Norwegian wilderness is notorious for its areas of treacherous swamp land, something that it´s best to avoid. When the only adult has to go back to the car to retrieve the forgotten tent poles, the two girls are left alone, with only each other and the wilderness.

    Torfinn Iversen

    Born in 1985, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Culture (film and television) from Lillehammer University College, including a year at Hawaii Pacific University, and graduated from Nordland College of Art and Film the spring of 2009. He started making short films at a very young age. He participated in the regional young peoples film festival Laterna Magica for the first time at the tender age of eight. He has written and directed numerous short films, many of which have been screened at various international film festivals. In addition to writing and directing, he is also an experienced cinematographer, editor and producer, and has worked on several other films in these capacities, in addition to his own films.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Torfinn Iversen
    • Screenplay: Katrine Strøm
    • Cinematography: Martin J. Edelsteen
    • Editing: Arild Tryggestad
    • music: Sander Stedenfeldt Olsen
    • Sound Design: Rune Hansen
    • Film Cast: Wiola Wilmi, Kristine Vikhammer Pettersen, Anderz Eide, Aggie Peterson
    • producer:: Julia Andersen


    • Oskar’s America (2017)
    • An Ocean Between (2016)
    • Blikkstille (2015)
    • Levi’s Horse (2011)
    • Concerts for Maria (2011)