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Push It

    Push It

    Sweden / Color / 8' / 2017

    A film about never being able to win, even though you’re the best. Hedda tries to approach Adam in every way she can, but no matter what she does it turns out wrong. There are unwritten rules that she is not allowed to break. How do you manage grown-up feelings in a teenage body? How do you get close to someone on your own premises? Push it explores structures, physicality, identity and emotions. With the gym hall as its arena.

    Julia Thelin

    Julia Thelin (b. 1991) is a script writer an director from Stockholm, Sweden. She studied film making at Fridhems Folkhögskola 2011-2013 and script writing at Broby Grafiska 2014- 2015. She has directed dance films, music videos and short films. Julia is fascinated with physicality in the telling of her narratives, and the body is always important in her films.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Julia Thelin
    • Screenplay: Julia Thelin
    • Cinematography: Ragna Jorming
    • Editing: Anton Hemgren
    • music: Jakob Lindhagen
    • Sound Design: Calle Buddee Roos
    • Film Cast: Geneth Gurmu, Jeremiah Jeppson, Per Lasson, Emilia Azar, Olivia Bojang, Ronja Gudmundsson
    • producer:: Eliza Jones, Markus Waltå
    • original language:  Swedish


    • Head light (2015)
    • Cindy (2013)